Methuen Athletic Improvement Committee

190 Haverhill St Box #348 Methuen Ma 01844


An investment in Nicholson Stadium is an investment in the children of Methuen and for the betterment of the City.


The Renovation: What does it include?

  • The actual playing surfaces:  the surfaces of the main field and the lower field are compacted. Currently the main stadium field only accommodates our high school football team regularly. All other high school sports including field hockey, girls and boys soccer, girls and boys lacrosse must use alternate fields around town. At the same time, the back field is compacted and has glass surfacing from underground. If you walk that field and pick up the glass then walk it again a few weeks later and you will find more glass. This is a major accident waiting to happen (insert picture of back field close-up). The city also has a shortage of fields for the youth programs. We have youth leagues that rent or lease private fields and we cannot form a youth field hockey league because of the space shortage.  

Spring sports including baseball, softball and lacrosse teams must practice indoors for almost the entire preseason which places our high school program at a disadvantage over the surrounding communities who are practicing on their turf fields from day one. (insert pics of the field on Thanksgiving day)

The renovation plan includes removing the top soil of the stadium (a normal step in turf installation) and scraping and then re-soiling that back field eliminating the dangerous practice conditions of that field.

Widening the main field and installing low impact turf which will allow unlimited use on a softer surface.

Installing turf on the lower practice field greatly reducing the shortage of practice and game space.

  • Visitors stands: (Include pic attached)

The visitors stands are out of code, not ADA compliant and in severe disrepair with rotting and warped planks and rusting construction. There have been reports of people falling through the stands several times over the past few years. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

The renovation plan includes replacing the stands with aluminum stands providing a safe, ADA accessible raised structure perfect for viewing.  

  • Handicap access to the track: There is no handicap access to the track and the city is now being forced to deal with it.

The renovation plan includes providing safe ADA compliant wheelchair access from the parking lot all the way to the track.

  • Existing club house and restrooms: The clubhouse was built in 1938 and has never been updated or renovated.

The restrooms are not ADA compliant and a visitor who is wheelchair bound has no option but to go home to use a restroom.  The restrooms are very small resulting in long lines even at small events.  The entire building is in serious dis-repair.

The renovation plan includes enlarging the men’s and ladies rooms to accommodate many more visitors and full wheelchair access. It will also include a much needed locker room eliminating the need for freshmen and girls teams from having to change in the storage pods or their cars.

Construction of the new clubhouse: The team locker room is undersized as it was designed for a football team in the 1930s. Players must break up into small groups to watch film and have meetings in the shower room.  Female teams have no locker room or facilities of any kind on the property. There is no space for an athletic trainer requiring the trainer to work outside.

The renovation plan includes building a 4,000+ square foot facility with a locker room large enough to contain the 110 players on the football team as well as a state of the art female locker room that can accommodate several girls teams at once. It will also include a team meeting and film room accommodating 120 that can also be used for community events. Am athletic trainers office and two much needed large coaches offices will also be included.

Why now?

The much needed renovation of Nicholson Stadium is long overdue. Much of the facility is in disrepair and in some cases, dangerous.

The MAIC has been tirelessly been working for 18 months with the mayor and planning directors offices, city council and school administration and our State delegation.

To date we have secured over $1M in funding through various sources as well as pledges for additional money.

With the combined efforts of so many and the spend it or lose it money from the state we are close to seeing this plan become a reality.




The Methuen Athletic Improvement Commission is dedicated to promoting & providing support pertaining to sports programs in the City of Methuen.

MAIC was created through collaborative work of the local youth sports programs in Methuen. We believe in the investment of our children through maintaining, updating and building sports venues (facilities and grounds) that have multipurpose use and benefit the greater youth of Methuen.